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TS2 is acting up since I uploaded Alfie, so i've been playing TS3 because I don't want to even bother with finding out what's wrong. I'm just posting a couple of pictures from Michael's wedding and honeymoon.

In my game, Michael Bachelor has had it pretty hard. He moved to Barnacle Bay with Bella and her husband, Mortimer, in hopes of finding the one. Unfortunatley, what he found was the Caliente sisters, and a bunch of drama. After a very messy divorce from Dina (after finding out his daughter was actually his brother-in-laws), he kicked her out and married one of my sims, Anne Lowry.

The had a small wedding on the beach with close friends and family, and even invited Nina and Dina to rub it in.


Am I the only one who doesn't really care for TS3's version of Bella? Michael is okay, he grows into his awkward look and breeds well. Haha! Yes, *clasps hands* excellent! But Bella has the biggest eyes, and weird lips. Even the Nina and Dina aren't as appealing. Well, Nina is the uglier of the two. Don looks fine, and Mortimer isn't terrible. I don't know, that's my complaint.
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