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What the flagnon?!

I felt this was an appropriate .gif to show my anger.
Trying to keep it PG because I am freaking out. I'm starting to get fed up with TS3. My game is just borked beyond belief and I'm missing TS2. I'm thinking it may be time to take a break and try TS2 again. I spent two hours building a sim... decorating their house... and then when I went to move the camera away, my game crashed! I didn't get to save anything! Plus the lights don't brighten a room, my CC is stupid. I think I'm just trying to find excuses. So, you may be seeing TS2 posts again sometime soon.


The above .gif could be used right now.... but it's already there.

My TS2 Double Deluxe disk isn't working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I uninstalled my TS3 games and went to install TS2... to have it not work. Ugh! WTH!? Like, seriously. What did I do? It won't load it, but when I go into My Computer it's there, shows what it is. Just doesn't run. poop.
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